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Tribute to Lazar Emanuel

The February issue of NYPRR is dedicated to the memory of Lazar Emanuel, Publisher and Managing Editor of the New York Professional Responsibility Report. Lazar died peacefully surrounded by his family. He was 87.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to know and work with Lazar have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. No words can adequately express our sadness at Lazarís death or our gratitude for the opportunity to work with him.

We honor his memory with this issue of the New York Report, his beloved newsletter to which he dedicated the last years of his life.

NYPRR has become a primary source for information and CLE credit in Ethics and Professionalism. We are working to continue this valuable resource and are grateful for your support and understanding during this transition.

We encourage our Members to access our archive of over 160 issues of NYPRR. Experienced attorneys can continue to earn CLE credit by completing and submitting the corresponding self-assessment tests.

Kim Mumola
New York Professional Responsibility Report
888.693.8442 ext. 307


nyprr introduces articles index

our readers have been asking for an index of our articles and assessment tests. most of all, they have wanted the ability to download and print individual articles. well, we have responded and our index is now available.

the index has been organized by year and month, and also by article author.

all cle assessment tests are also available for downloading by month and year.

the articles have been recomposed individually in an attractive format and are available for distribution to organizers of cle programs and seminars.

tribute to lazar emanuel
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In each issue, NYPRR publishes a 20-question assessment test. Any experienced lawyer who answers 16 questions correctly receives .5 CLE credits. 12 CLE credits in the 2-year registration cycle are available in this way. The test is available only to lawyers in subscribing law firms.

publisher: lazar emanuel
j.d. harvard law
formerly exec. vp.,
emanuel law outlines

editorial director: roy d. simon
j.d. new york university law;
howard lichtenstein
distinguished professor of legal ethics, hofstra univ. law school
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contact kim mumola
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